Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where to Go for Proper Keyword and Why

If you’ve done any kind of online market research before, then you’ve probably heard of Google’s keyword tool. Another commonly used free keyword tool is the free version of Wordtracker which gives up to 100 related keyword phrases for any keyword you enter. But there are some lesser known keyword research tools which should be used for all your market research.
Wordtracker is a great tool, but there is actually a newer free version that makes the normal free version obsolete. This new version is called the free GTends Tool, which is basically the old tool with the addition of a Google Trends graph. There will be a link beside each result which leads to this graph, plus the statistics for the approximate number of competing pages and amount of daily traffic. This tool makes it easy to identity profitable keyword phrases because it shows you the results while recommending less than 3000 competing pages and more than 100 unique visitors per day with the results so you know instantly whether the keyword phrase is profitable or not. Not only profitable, but easy to dominate as well
Keyword Browse is a free keyword tool that is less commonly known. While it doesn’t provide numbers like its counterparts, it is probably the best tool out of the group for niche identification. All that is needed is for you to enter a broad search term such as “wine”. The tool will split that niche into two strands (looks like a DNA double-helix without the rungs). One strand will be related keywords and the other one is sub-niches within your given keyword. “Wine” turns out results such as “wine making”. “Wine making” turns out results such as “home wine making” and “wine making kit” which in turn give results such as “home wine making and recipe”.
Si while the Google keyword tool is an excellent and accurate tool for market research, it is essential that anybody conducting such research use the aforementioned. The time that will be saved will be invaluable to your business and the sub-niches that you find will be easy to dominate using some simple search engine optimization.
Author: Cutis Ng
About the author: are you looking for profitable niches? Are you finding yourself unable to profit from a niche of interest? Click here to learn more about niche domination and market research.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Choosing the Right Keyword for SEO

You want to know the single, BIGGEST mistakes most marketers make when trying to get their website ranked in the search engines?
They try and optimize their webpage for too many keywords!
To understand this mistake, you have to understand how the search engines work. See, search engines try to determine how relevant a page is to a search query.
The more relevant the page, the higher it’s ranking in the search results.
But when you try and optimize your page for more than one keyword, the search engines will determine that your page is not as relevant as a page that’s optimized for just that keyword.
To illustrate this point, let’s say you want to rank in the top 10 results for the keyword Light Blue Widgets. So you create a webpage optimized for that keyword. However, you also want that page to rank for Red Widgets, Green Widgets, and Yellow Widgets.
But you can’t do that and have the search engines thought that page is relevant for ANY of those keywords.
You have to choose just one keyword, and gear your page for that keyword only. Having a clear focus on that keyword will greatly increase your chances of ranking highly for it.
Another huge mistake a lot of people make when choosing a keyword to optimize for is selecting a super-competitive keyword.
Sure, the highly competitive keywords bring in a lot of traffic. But unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s going to take you a very long time to fight and claw your way into the top 10.
Instead, for fast ranking, you’ll want to select keywords that only the people most likely to buy are searching for.
This way, not only will you rank quickly, but you’ll also be getting highly targeted traffic that’s most likely to make you money.
For example, instead of trying to rank in the top 10 search results for the competitive keyword “Plasma TV,” you would want to focus on a keyword like “Sony RX1568 Plasma TV.”
This way, you’ll be able to rank for a term only people looking to buy that particular TV would be searching for!
The fact is that there are many tricks and techniques you need to be aware of when choosing the right keyword term to optimize your website for.
If you choose wrongly, you’ll waste much of your precious time and effort, and get nothing in return.
Choosing the right keyword, however, will ensure that you get a flood of traffic to your website that will make you money!
The best system to use to learn how to find the golden keywords for your business is called The Sneaky System. No other training breaks down the search engines in such an easy to understand way.
So don’t waste your time optimizing for keywords that are duds. Learn the secrets to Search Engine Optimization right now.
Author: Nadir Osmic, Affiliate Marketing
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Become Extraordinarily Popular with Some Web Marketing

How prominent is your website? We can tell your reply: a lot less than expected. Whether you are an e-commerce retailer or a known professional struggling to get your consulting services acquirable worldwide, take notice of the following guidance and you will increase your Google page-rank and make your site well-known in a couple of months.
Your website’s popularity is not what you believe it is. Renown on the information superhighway depends on the worldwide links pointing to your website. Besides, it relies on the quality of such links, not necessarily on the abundance nor in how many visits you get to your page. Let us inspect what valuable links are and what is required from you.
Firstly, have your website analyzed by web marketing professionals. has a free assessment of your site and how well your external links are doing; ask for the evaluation and follow their respected views.
Some aspects have a monster impact on the quality of a hyperlink pointing to your pages. Among the most paramount and often neglected ones are:
o including the right keywords in the hyperlink itself
o the reputation and reliability of the foreign site
o html format of the linking page
After carefully considering the proper keywords for your web, you are likely to fill your pages with such keywords. Perhaps, you already know that such a practice will turn out to be inefficient, since search engine spiders will find out you surely prepared the content for those keywords. One the other hand, if you can have your keywords in the external links you will win more organic traffic, meaning clicks on the search results instead of the sponsored links on the search engine page. Arrange everything so that foreign sites that link to your landing pages contain the keywords in the hyperlink itself by providing the links yourself. A safe practice to achieve this is through article syndication.
The reliability of external sites is a notable influence in the nature of an inbound link. A hyperlink on CBS or YouTube “weighs” more than your Joomla personal website. A key ingredient about reliability is how long the foreign site has been on the internet. in other words, how old a site is spells credibility: if too “young”, search robots will contemplate the site as dubious unless proven else ways, because spammers usually hang ephemeral websites for their purposes.
The HTML configuration of the foreign site has an impact on your linking strategy, too Google expects a site to have valid substance, which is hierarchically arranged and human friendly; otherwise, they will rank the external page lower, resulting in vain links. Try to understand HTML and why search engines penalize some structures. Forget about designing your pages foe IE or Mozilla Firefox and begin preparing them in a fashion that search engines will love them. Eventually, you will find it easy to catch decent external sites for your web marketing strategy.
Proceed from these recommendations and your site-and you- will become popular.
About the author: Dreaming about being infinitely popular on the word wide web? Whether you wish to become a well-known professional or to massively publicize your e-commerce site, the following web marketing ideas will assist your obtaining valuable traffic, repeat visitors and higher rankings for your pages in a few months. And, you will have some clues about the kind of sites that seem appropriate for your marketing tactics.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Consistent SEO is Necessary?

When companies with web presence decide on Search Engine Optimization for their website most of them are confused on how to go about it. It’s not surprising that many of them think SEO activity to be one time activity like developing a software/website or an annual affair like filing IT return.
Non IT-Savvy companies who are just thinking of increasing their web preference on internet are not much aware on the benefits of Organic SEO. They are many times so clients are so ignorant of SEO that they almost instinctively ask for short term contracts ranging from anywhere from one to two months. Many businesses also view search engine optimization of a website as a one time set of recommendation. Nothing can be further from truth. For a website to be visible on any search engine, a consistent plan has to be followed for at least few months. For any business in any region there are nowadays hundreds if not thousands of competitors. You can bet that many of them have already had decent websites with ongoing SEO strategy in place. To believe that any business can have strong presence on first page of a search engine by just developing a site and then optimizing it once would be a fallacy.
Search Engine Optimization works best when pursued month after month consistently till the results can be seen. There are many reasons why consistent and long term SEO should be pursued.
1. Search Engines like FRESH content:
Search Engines prefer sites which have fresh search engine friendly content. Just one time one page optimization will not work in this scenario. Infusion of fresh relevant content on regular basis will lure search engine robots to crawl your site more. No doubt the search engine algorithm will also attach importance to the fact that your site has lot of relevant content. This will give your site an added advantage over other rival sites with dated content. A competent SEO Firm will be aware of this fact and constantly update the website with new content on regular basis.
2. Link Building:
It is a proven fact that back links are of prime importance in search engine optimization. In real world if a website is a person then back links may mean the number of the times a person is getting talked about in TV, newspaper and other media. Just like any person who is visible all over will be perceived as popular similarly any website with good amount of back links on internet will be viewed a more relevant and popular. Acquiring back links through legitimate means is a tedious job. Link building encompasses a whole set of activities like directories, content promotion, blogging, press releases, link baiting, social media which require ongoing SEO. Only an online marketing company can work towards the goal of acquiring back links on a consistent basis month after month and using almost avenues possible.
3. Latest Trend:
Internet trend are changing at furious pace. It’s one of the most dynamic technologies which sees emergence and decline of many fads on daily basis. What worked few months back may not work now. Search Engine Algorithms constantly update themselves to avoid spamming and keep their results relevant and meaningful. Only a SEO professional or a SEO company can be abreast of all technologies and trends and apply them and include them in their SEO effort. In a field where placement on Google search’s number one page can make or break a business, you cannot afford just one time SEO effort.
4. Traffic Analysis:
Just doing web promotion is not enough. A website’s traffic also has to be closely monitored and studied. It’s of paramount importance to know if the traffic to your website is targeted or not. Irrelevant audience who are not going to take up your services or product is just as bad as no traffic at all. This will mean that SEO efforts are misdirected and something needs to be fixed ASAP. Only by consistent monitoring and analysis of website’s traffic pattern, a SEO consultant will be able to rectify the problem.
These are just few reasons to have consistent search engine optimization efforts for any website which intends to have top ranking in Google.
Author: Aniruddha Badola
About the author: Enovabiz Solution is a professional Search Engine Optimization CompanyOffering SEO Consultancy and Online Marketing Services to realtor and real estate agnets all over the world.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Career as an SEO Consultant when Optimizing

There was a time early on in my career as an SEO consultant when optimizing for Google was pretty straight forward. All that was needed back then was your keywords in the right places on your page as very little if anything was attributed to off page factors.
However times have changed and the major search engines had to take action to stop spammers from keyword stuffing and confusing the indexing process. In doing this search engines like Google turned more towards off page factors in that every indexed site that linked back to you was a vote for your site and sheer quality of links put your site nicely at the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Position). When SEO experts optimize site pages for the certain keywords and word-combinations, they use some actions which allows improving positions in SERP for the all keywords list.
Again spammers adapted to the practice and sites that were known as link farms came forward listing masses of unrelated sites in order to build up huge link popularity. Google and the other search engines had to tweak their system and decided to put most ranking weight on the quality rather than the quality of links to any given page.
What is a quality links? Well first of all let us start with the basics there are many names for links to your site and it is a good idea to define them at this point. Inbound or back links refer to links that point at your pages from else where on the web, for more details visit to reciprocal links are when that same link to your page receives a link pointing back at it from the same page. Many think that a reciprocal link relates to sites however it only relates to pages that are around. Reciprocal links hold no real weight anymore due to their artificially constructed nature. One way back links are links that point to your page with no returning link; these are the links you are going to need to rank high in the steps.
However that is not the end of the story, there are other aspects of a quality link that you need to understand. You need to look for links from pages that have a high Page Rank, this may not be easy but it is what you should aim for. You also need to make sure the page the link comes from is highly relevant to your own, for more details visit to this is one of the most important factors. When you are creating links you need to anchor the link with your keyword text, will increase your keyword authority and link popularity. Last but not least don’t get back links from pages with over 100 outgoing links as it will hold little weight and could affect your page.
The core of any online marketing campaign is through the focused appliance of SEO SEO is becoming more of a permanent fixture in the marketing budgets of many companies. UK internet sales is increasing to a record of pound 4.2 bn a month and UK web users clicking on 29000 search results every minute. So hardly any company can ignore SEO consultant you get to see and advice people that still don’t understand the basic concepts of link building and are using link farms and irrelevant pages to create links from which hold little if no weight.
Author: Bhairun Ram
About the author: The author is an expert writer on SEO and Marketing. You can get his more views on , his other blog site is
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The SEO Expert Predicts the Future of You Online Business

I had a dream…
Suppose the search engines change their entire algorithms overnight, how would that affect the future of your website and online business?
While some SEO experts have mastered the art to void this topic like a plague, some think of it as a myth, or an X-files episode, but many know of us know that possibility of this happening is more real today than ever before.
The truth is out there
With personalized user search preferences are the search engines giving in their powers to the users? If this were to happen then search rankings would soon be obsolete, as each user would get a different personalized view of the search page depending on preferences and history etc. all the smart gimmicks, link exchanges, and magic SEO strategies from Gurus could eventually fail! So why do we still keep optimizing?
For ONE, the SEO or search marketing is not about applying the magical arts to appease search gods who will start flooding your website with high value traffic.
I will survive…in a world with no search engines
I am not being egoistical out here, nor do I have some secret knowledge. Allow me to explain why…
1. I want to run successful online business.
2. I will keep building unique, resourceful and informative content.
3. I will make this content accessible to the users
4. I will promote this content across web, user and social communities
5. I will syndicate my content to article or video submission sites
Well this may very well be a dream I am having, but when I awake, the search engines still rule the online world. Either way I will survive :-)
Author: Nevil Darukhanawala
About the author: SEO Expert, Visit the Zen of SEO Blog Here for Free SEO Training
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In these days, you’ll rarely find person who can’t use computer. Person can easily communicate with other one at anywhere in the world. Youngsters are found madly chatting in cafes and finding new easy online sources under one root. Chat applications, messengers the resources for this. Now on cell-phone is not device which can used to talk. So, world is connected via internet networks.
This is the best example is I am going to tell, how person made collection of words most online destination sources under one roof by setting a website. You will find yourself around the world just a click away.
Gee2 Solution Inc. created by two young sikh brothers named Gurpreet and Gurpreet both names are equal so Gee2 Solution. Borned. Both are devoted to their way of working. They are proud to announce their success on the time of launching this website and become popular hit with kids, youngsters and with all age of people around the world. They mentioned that we created a online public place where you can find everything from which platform you want to buy. There are tons of Names tags to find out with our service. Example: - if you are going to grab a pizza and leaving for market and don’t know the name of service provider and place where to buy then before you leaving for your stuff you can get every detail about from which (who & who) food service provider get you what you really want to buy after search on our site also there are several other eatable service providers name to your taste. They said we thank to all our valuable visitors and service providers to shown love. We are growing day by day with this belief that we will soon bring some more activities and stuff for our visitors around the world. As told to Surinder Singh over Phone call from India.
Author: Gurpreet Singh
About the author: Online Service Providers
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Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Generate Social Traffic

Nowadays, getting your blog included in the top search engine results isn’t the only way to drive more traffic to your blog. Search engine optimization still helps, yes, but it’s not the only alternative to focus on. Now, with the escalating growth and popularity of social websites, it’s important that your blog gets a piece of the social cake, too!
A lot of people are still confused with what exactly makes up social traffic. While there are many varied definitions you can obtain online, most, if not all, will agree that social traffic generally includes those coming from social media, such as blogs and forum, social news and bookmarking websites like, dig, reddit, social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook, and lastly any other product of web 2.0 such as Amazon Review or Yahoo Local.
Thus, any traffic you obtain from such sites can be immediately classified as social traffic. Furthermore, if we are to base things on that principle, it is also safe to derive that social traffic is generated more or less by the preferences of other people since it is the users of such websites like Digg and MySpace that had made the choice to link to your blog.
Now that you know where you all are able to get social traffic from, here is how to generate it for your blog or website.
It does not matter if the people who have just visited your blog or website did not get any of the products or services offered in your blog. What matters is ensuring that they have left with the intention to come back. Social traffic will continue to pour in and don’t worry, those hits will eventually be converted to online profit, if you also continue giving them what they want. Ask yourself then: what made those people bookmark or link to your blog? If you know what that is, can you give them some more of it?
It is easier to generate social traffic if you know what particular market segment they represent. Knowing who they are will consequently help you learns what they may or may not like in your blog and take the necessary steps to ensure that your blog is as pleasing as possible to them.
Yes, it’s okay to create several variations of a particular topic to ensure that the different sectors of your target market will easily understand what you’re talking about but it’s just as important to create content that’s universally attractive. Don’t spend all of your time thinking up the many different ways you can sell glass doors when you need to concentrate first on selling doors.
Yes, using a huge font size and a glaring font color can make your headlines eye-catching but we mean it figuratively. Use words that instantly grab your reader’s attention. Use words that are powerful and have great impact. Why use nice, for instance, when you can go as far as beautiful? Why use increases when you can use the term soar? This tip works for all kinds of sources of social traffic. With eye-catching headlines, you succeed in making a person stop whatever he’s doing just long enough to read more of what you’ve to say.
This will work with all kinds of social traffic as well. Blogs, forums, and social networking websites all let you create a profile. Take advantage of this to let readers know more about you and most importantly of all use your profile page to convince people to read more of your content.
This tip works best with social news websites like Digg and Reddit. It’s very important to be the first to write about the latest topics concerning your blogs industry. If you are selling pet supplies, for instance, then news like purported toxic contents in a popular dog food brand would be something you can certainly write about. If you’re the first to write about it, more people will be able to link to your work since it’s the first thing they’ve seen and able to use as reference in their own writings.
And if you aren’t the first to write about a particular topic, try at least to be first to use a different perspective on the topic. That can certainly work as well!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before You are Register to the Google AdSense

To participate to the Google AdSense program your blog must use the English or other language supported like Arabic, France, Nigerian, and other them. In addition to, the blog content will be register isn’t have spamming, cracking and hacking content, pension, policy or collide with law be valid in the local area. If your blog are including to them you are not participate to the Google AdSense. If not, your blog may be registering to the Google AdSense and will be approved within several days.
Once your blog have been registered to the Google AdSense you may install the script of the Adsense. After the script has been installed please copy and paste it into HTML/Java Script widget (on the blogger) and save and the end.
I’m sorry because I can’t write the content with the English for many sentences. Please notice I’m in learning and I want you are helping me to doing this learning by tell me if you found a flawed in my articles. Thank you before.
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Ways to Make Money with AdSense Using Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is definitely a powerful Internet phenomenon. However, it can be harnessed to help you make money with AdSense in at least three unique ways.
Most people who have more than a passing knowledge of Web 2.0 technology understand the magic of viral marketing very well. What they may not know, however, is how harness that immense power in order to make money with AdSense. Here are some suggestions.
1. Use Your Email
Once of the cleverest uses of viral marketing has always been the Hotmail example. Users of the free email service had messages asking recipients to sign up for account at Hotmail. As result, their sign up message would be spread to millions of people all around the world. The result was an increase in registered hotmail users an indisputable proof that viral marketing could be powerful too.
If you want to make money with AdSense, you can do something similar. Create some type of site or blog that requires registration and use this for your AdSense ads. For example, you might have people register to receive something for free, such as a newsletter subscription or a free e-book. Mention the site in the signature of every one of your emails. When people go to register, they will be on the same page as your AdSense ads. That is one way to make money with AdSense.
2. Use YouTube.
YouTube has become one of the biggest phenomena to hit the internet ever. It is also a great tool for viral marketing because those great videos can be spread and shared with millions of people quickly and easily. Plus, most people don not consider receiving a YouTube link to be spam (since they are normally sent by people who know them) so it is more likely to be viewed than other types of links.
To make money with AdSense this way, create a fun and creative video that is going to capture the attention of your audience but which may also be relevant to whatever your site is about. Put the spot on YouTube and incorporate your URL into the clip with a message such as “to see more” or “for more information about this clip”
3. Use Your Friends
Social networking has also really taken off in recent years. If you want to make money with AdSense, you can use this trend to your benefit as well. Most social networking sites have a way of compiling your friends. While some of these people may be legitimate acquaintances, the rest probably are not.
Put together some type of email message that would be appealing to a large number of the friends. Maybe the email could direct them to a fun site full of quizzes or movie trivia. Then you have that material on your website along with your AdSense ads. As a result, your site gets more traffic and many of those visitors will be likely to click on the ads to earn you revenue.
4. Other Tips
No matter which of the viral marketing idea you use above to make money with AdSense, be sure to test it carefully first to make sure it will work as you desire.
The tips above by:
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Google Crowd-Sources for Ideas

Google nearly sneaked this one by us. Probably for the best. They would not want word to get out their actually listening to people-the comments would never cease. In mind-December Google launched the Google Product Ideas blog, focusing initially on ideas for Google Mobile.
The initial blog post reads:
At Google, we know we have got some really great users with some really great ideas, and we are excited to open up a new project called Product Ideas, a platform through which we are taking a new approach to feedback to Google Mobile products. Whether it’s a feature request, a crazy idea, a rave or a rant, we want to hear it. Even more, we want other users to hear it, to see what others are buzzing about, and to be able to vote on all these ideas.
Signing in one’s Google account offers the ability to vote on proposals as good ideas or bad ones, kind of like a Hot or Not for corporate brainstorming. At first it seems like a grand experiment in crowd-sourcing, but it may actually be a cover for attracting free labor.
In addition in bonus cuts this year, Google has scaled back on the 20-percent-time projects Googlers enjoyed as a break from official duties to innovate in some peripheral area. These projects paid off sometimes-Gmail, for example-but Marissa Mayer once noted that these side products had an 80 percent fail rate.
Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land, who gets the hat tip, says as much too:
Accordingly, user-generated product ideas and voting may help substitute for curtailed 20 percent time efforts. And voting provides the added benefit of indicating the ideas that have “legs” vs. those that are less compelling.
The again, remember New Coke? All those taste test ensured success.

The source by: WebProNews
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Free Domain Dot Com

Yep, is proud to say we are legitimately giving away free domain names to our members. Any member who makes 95 posts on our community forum will receive a free domain or alternatively free forum hosting with a link to your forum on our site!
1. In order to receive a free domain name you must post in the domain request forum.
2. In order to make a request you must have 95 posts.
3. “Spam” post does not count.
4. You must be a member for at least three weeks and your posts spread out between that time periods.
5. Your posts should contribute to the community and discussions.
Once you make your request we will review your request to make sure that you followed all the rules. Once accepted we will notify you via PM and ask for the name of the domain you wish to register. Please make sure it’s available we will register it and transfer the domain to you.
Available Domain Extensions for Giveaway:
1. .com
2. .net
3. .org
4. .biz
5. .us
In addition instead of a domain name we can provide free no ads forum hosting with a link to your forum on our site!
The source by
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